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Lost Most or
All Your Teeth?

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Dentures Aren’t Your Only Option

If you face the challenges of multiple failing or absent teeth or are currently reliant on dentures, chances are you encounter daily scenarios that induce discomfort or self-consciousness. Fortunately, the era of enduring such limitations and unease is over, thanks to the transformative procedures of dental implants! Embrace life free from constraints and embarrassment by exploring the diverse solutions available at Bonvallet Dental at our Byron, IL, location, ranging from removable dentures to implant-supported options. Whether you opt for the flexibility of removable dentures or permanently fixed full mouth dental implants, the array of choices for tooth replacement is extensive, each with its unique set of advantages, drawbacks, and associated costs. At Bonvallet Dental, our implant dentist Dr. Justin Bonvallet, delivers a comprehensive range of dental implant treatments, ensuring the restoration of your smile, health, and overall quality of life!

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Comparing Fixed Teeth Vs. Removable

You have two main options for tooth replacement: fixed and removable. Dentures, a standard choice, provide only 20% natural function and become loose over time. Implant-supported dentures in Byron, IL, offer a functional upgrade, stabilized by dental implants, restoring 60% function but still prone to wear.

Full mouth dental implants, a superior choice, involve a fixed bridge supported by 4-8 implants, restoring over 98% natural function. Crafted to mimic real teeth, they allow unlimited eating, enhance quality of life, and boost confidence in daily activities. Explore all options, then schedule a consultation for a personalized treatment plan.

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Traditional Dentures

Made from acrylic (plastic)
Offers minimal support
Will need relines and repairs
Often loosens or falls out
Does not halt jawbone loss
Must be removed to clean
May be bulky or ill-fitting
Low-cost treatment option
Qualifies for dental financing

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Implant Supported Dentures

Made from acrylic or porcelain
Support from 2+ implants
May need relines or repairs
Won’t slip, loosen, or fall out
Greater stability for eating
Removable for easy cleaning
Improves jawbone health
May not look or feel natural
Moderate treatment cost
Qualifies for dental financing

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Full Arch Fixed Teeth

Designed from block of zirconia
Fixed to 4-8 implants
Comparable to natural teeth
Restores over 98% function
Promotes healthy jawbone
Resistant to bacteria and decay
Fracture- and chip-resistant
Improves oral and overall health
Cared for like natural teeth
No additional maintenance
Highest treatment cost
Qualifies for dental financing

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Implant Care from an Experienced Team

Our experienced implant dentist, Dr. Justin Bonvallet, utilizes cutting-edge technology and implant systems to offer efficient and personalized dental implant treatments. Our process includes:

  • A comprehensive consultation with Dr. Bonvallet.
  • Preparatory treatments, if needed, before your dental implant surgery.
  • Dental implant surgery performed in our office under sedation.
  • Your final restoration placement.
  • Post-Op appointments for long-term implant success

We prioritize your smile goals, oral health, and budget, ensuring optimal long-term outcomes. We know what a smile means and ensure that your final set is custom-crafted for enhanced function, confidence, and an improved quality of life.


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Invest in Your Future Quality of Life

Our dental implant solutions in Byron, IL provide permanent improvements in your health, function, and confidence. We consider them to be a lifelong investment in your quality of life. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, don’t assume this life-changing solution is out of your reach! We’ve partnered with select dental financing companies to help you afford treatment, no matter your financial situation. Our financial coordinator can assist you in applying for dental financing and help you secure a personalized payment plan that fits your budget. You’ll find that the process is simple and fast. Many of our patients also receive instant approval, and sometimes without a credit check! Don’t miss out on a new life with dental implants because you’re concerned about the cost! We’re here to ensure all our patients can afford dental implants, and we welcome you to schedule your consultation or second opinion to learn more.

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