Conditions We Treat - Byron, IL & Pecatonica, IL

Your Oral Health Matters!

patient looking at model within the dental center
patient smiling brightly after their dental procedure

Treating Your Everyday Smile Concerns

Do you consciously keep your lips together when you smile, or even cover your mouth while smiling, due to being embarrassed by how your mouth looks? Do you have other persistent conditions that you wish you could do something about? Far too many people are dissatisfied with their oral health and even refrain from smiling or cover their mouths, rather than suffer the embarrassment of an imperfect smile. Don’t let your smile hold you back from showing who you are and your personality! At [Practice Name], we are dedicated to achieving the smile you want.

Even the Small Things Matter!

At Bonvallet Dental, we are dedicated to making your smile shine and to also make it healthy. During your visits we want to here from you and any issues that you may be experiencing when it comes to your oral health. Whether you are wanting to whiten your teeth or may be experiencing gum disease; everything counts! In Byron, IL we treat the following conditions:

Loose Dentures
Bad Breath
Bleeding Gums
Cracked Teeth
Crooked Teeth
Gum Disease
Gummy Smile
Missing or Failing Teeth
Yellow or Discolored Teeth