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Restore the Strength and Function
of Your Smile with Dental Implants

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Stability Meets Beauty for Your Oral Health

A strong, healthy smile enhances your health and your emotional well-being. Good dental health lets you socialize confidently, show your complete smile in photos, speak clearly, and eat a variety of your favorite food. Missing and failing teeth can impact your physical health, social, and even professional life.

Whether you’re already missing teeth or struggling with unsalvageable teeth, dental implants are the gold standard solution to permanently restore the beauty and function of your complete set of teeth. Dr. Justin Bonvallet and our team at Bonvallet Dental have years of experience restoring our patient’s health and smile aesthetics with dental implants at our Byron, IL, location. We’ve seen how this versatile, permanent solution can change lives and help you love your smile for decades!

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Anatomy of a Dental Implant

Dental implants mimic natural teeth using three parts: a post, which is surgically implanted into supporting bone tissue; a crown, which replaces the visible part of your tooth with a beautifully natural-looking prosthetic; and an abutment which connects the two.

Dental implants are one of the most versatile tooth replacements available. Because the post fuses directly to the bone tissue, dental implants will give you unmatched stability and strength whether you’re replacing a single tooth or considering full mouth dental implants as an alternative to old-fashioned dentures.

The long-term success of your dental implants depends on ideal placement by a skilled implant dentist. Our advanced diagnostic and surgical technology ensures precision planning and successful implants. Dr. Bonvallet has placed more than 1,000 dental implants, giving him the experience necessary to ensure you’ll enjoy your dream smile for decades!

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A Versatile Solution to Tooth Loss

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Single Dental Implants

For individual missing teeth, each dental implant replicates the structure of your natural tooth with the strength to restore stability to the area entirely. Because we’ll custom craft your final restoration, we can seamlessly complete your smile with natural-looking beauty.

Multi-Tooth Dental Implant Bridges

Multi-Tooth Dental Implant Bridges

If you’re missing several teeth in the same area, we can craft a prosthetic to replace multiple teeth in a row. Because we can anchor your prosthesis to two implant posts without compromising its strength or stability, we can minimize your dental implant cost without sacrificing your outcome.

Implant supported dentures example model

Implant-Supported Dentures

One of the main advantages of dental implants over traditional dentures is the ability to eat virtually any food without worrying about your teeth. Sometimes, we can create a modified removable denture that snaps onto implant posts for increased stability. If you’re looking for a removable option with the strength and comfort of dental implants, an implant-supported denture may be an excellent option.

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implants are the ideal way to replace an entire arch of teeth. If you’re looking for the closest thing to rebuilding a complete set of your own natural teeth, full mouth dental implants may be the best solution for you. Because they’re permanently fixed, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods without limits, and you’ll never have to put your teeth in a glass on the nightstand!

Am I a Candidate?

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How Can Dental Implants
Benefit My Smile?

  • Prevent other teeth from shifting.
  • Maintain full dental function for proper biting and chewing.
  • Fully restore natural, beautiful esthetics to your smile.
  • Boost your confidence with dental implants as part of a full mouth reconstruction.
  • Stabilize your oral health.
  • Prevent the loss of bone volume.
  • Improve your physical health and emotional well-being for better quality of life!

Real Experiences. Lasting Results.

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Beyond Aesthetics, What Can Dental Implants Do for Me?


Bonvallet Dental

Why Bonvallet Dental?

The dental implant process usually requires coordinating between multiple practices, which can be costly and inconvenient. At Bonvallet Dental, we have the technology and expertise to perform precision placement of your implant posts, oversee your entire healing process, and craft and place your gorgeous final restorations, all in the comfort of the dental office you already know and love.

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Above Aesthetics, What Can Dental Implants Do for Me?

Beyond perfecting the look of your smile, dental implants are the best method for restoring the strength and function of your entire set of teeth. Because they’re fused to the supporting bone, dental implants have superior stability and longevity over other methods of tooth replacement. They prevent loss of bone volume, damage to the jaw joints, and nutritional deficiencies due to limited food options. That’s why dental implants are the best tooth replacement option to protect your oral and whole-body wellness!

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What is the Advantage of Having Advanced Technology?

The long-term success of your dental implants depends on the ideal placement of the implant posts. That precision starts with cutting-edge diagnostic imaging. Our cone beam CT scanner gives us a complete 3D digital replica of your oral anatomy, allowing us to gather detailed measurements of each potential site and ensure there is enough bone to give us a strong foundation for your new teeth. Will fully guided surgical techniques, we can prevent any unforeseen complications and complete your surgery efficiently for fast healing and predictable outcomes.

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