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High-Quality Care
at an Affordable Price

Maintaining good oral health decreases the risk of systemic diseases and influences your emotional and psychological well-being, instilling confidence in social interactions. Speaking and smiling with assurance can enhance job prospects and boost self-esteem. At Bonvallet Dental, we believe in providing quality dental care to enhance patients’ overall quality of life, acknowledging that financial constraints can hinder access to care for many individuals.

Dental financing, particularly for procedures like dental implants that often fall outside dental insurance coverage, can be intricate. With our commitment to affordable and compassionate dentistry, we offer comprehensive treatments under one roof, collaborating with insurance companies and third-party financing providers to ensure accessible dental solutions.

Safeguarding Your Wallet
with Flexible Payment Options

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Cash, Check, Or Credit Card

In most instances, we allow patients to provide payment using cash, check, or credit card. We accept most major credit cards.

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Dental Insurance

We participate with Cigna dental insurance. Sometimes, we can help you get out-of-network benefits from other providers. Our insurance coordinator works closely with your insurance company to help get you the greatest benefits.

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CareCredit dental is your answer to affordable dental care! Quality healthcare is a priority, so our trusted patients depend on us for dental financing services. CareCredit’s flexible payment options allow you to access top-notch dental care without worrying about costs. Even cosmetic procedures not covered by dental insurance are now affordable. Say goodbye to financial burdens with our interest-free short-term payment options that let you easily manage your payments. For more extensive treatments like dental implants, we’ve covered you with fixed monthly dental implant financing options with low-interest rates to suit your budgetary needs. Our website, or call 1-800-677-0718 for more information.

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Proceed Finance

You can enjoy flexible dental financing options through Proceed Finance, which offers loans for dental implant financing and other dental treatments of up to $70,000 with competitive, low-interest rates. With longer repayment terms, our patients can receive the necessary dental care without breaking the bank. Proceed Finance is committed to ensuring everyone can maintain good oral health, regardless of their credit score. Proceed Finance makes dental financing available to all. Visit or call 844-272-7587 for more information.