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Lingering Tooth Pain?

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Getting To The Root Of Your Toothache

Do you experience persistent tooth sensitivity following the consumption of hot or cold substances? Intense discomfort during biting or chewing? A toothache is frequently an indicator of underlying infection that has compromised the pulp in your tooth’s root. This may stem from a significant tooth crack, fracture, trauma to the tooth, or advanced tooth decay that has infiltrated the inner layers. Left untreated, the infection will persist, causing ongoing tooth pain, potentially progressing to a tooth abscess, and in severe instances, necessitating the extraction of the affected tooth. If you’re experiencing these noticeable symptoms, particularly a severe toothache, rest assured, we have a solution for you!

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Root Canal Treatment

The process of root canal therapy necessitates the extraction of a segment of the tooth crown to reach the pulp chamber, where the elimination of infection, bacteria, and compromised pulp and tissues takes place. Following this, a thorough disinfection and cleansing of the canals occur, and they are subsequently filled with a resilient substance known as gutta-percha. To safeguard against bacterial infiltration, the tooth is sealed, and a dental crown is applied to fortify and sustain its strength and functionality post-treatment.

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Benefiting from Endodontic Therapy

At Bonvallet Dental, we are committed to not just resolving immediate dental concerns but ensuring your lasting comfort and satisfaction. Experience the benefits of endodontic care and step into a future where your oral health and smile go hand in hand. After your endodontic treatment at Bonvallet Dental wraps up, you’re on your way to embracing a life free from tooth discomfort. Our comprehensive post-procedure guidelines guarantee a swift and robust recovery. Anticipate a variety of advantages from your treatment:

  • Preserved natural tooth
  • Resolved toothache
  • Restored tooth function
  • Improved smile esthetics